At some point in your life you may suffer from sleep disorder. It is surprisingly common among adults who just want a good nights sleep. There may be unusual living circumstances or a difficult day at work or the kids have been at their worse today, that is the preliminary reason for difficulty in sleeping.


 Sleep disorders are often temporary, unless there is some other health issue going on within the body. The sleep disorder can last from a few days to a few weeks and can normally get better with time management and a positive way to relieve stress like exercise and healthy eating. If they are prolonged, then sleep disorders can disrupt your daily life, by leaving your body with less energy, an emotional imbalance and/or your mind unable to function at its optimal level.


 Experts agree that 1 in 6 Americans suffer from sleep disorder that range from night terrors, insomnia, sleep apnea to circadian rhythm disorders. Many of these can find alternative relaxation techniques to help improve the disorder. These techniques involving quieting and calming the mind, while giving the body permission to follow. The old Chinese method of Acupuncture has been shown for many years to be a great way to de-stress. It offers a diagnosis into the source of the sleep disorder while offering solutions that have been deemed long lasting. Acupuncture uses pressure points in helping to relieve stress and tension and thereby increasing your ability to have a quality good nights sleep. This takes away other symptoms like pain, anxiety, fear, anger, grief, stress and other detrimental qualities to the body. There are 3 Acupressure points that can help alleviate stress and tension that can help to alleviate sleep disorder.



 Located along the wrist crease line aligned with the little finger, the Heart 7 point is also called the “Spirit Gate”. Place the right thumb along the wrist crease of the left hand that is aligned with the little finger. Breathe in through the mouth and out for 1 minute. Also, perform this exercise for the other hand. This point helps to decrease tension, anxiety and other symptoms that can lead to sleep disorder.



 This is one of the most effective pressure points when wanting and needing more body energy. Located on the inside of your ankle bone, this pressure point is called the “Shining Sea”. Press the points for each bone with both hands while breathing in deeply for about 1 minute. This pivotal pressure point is used for a myriad of issues that include: relieving insomnia, hypertension, anxiety, eye problems, sore throat, irregular menstruation, constipation and epilepsy.



 Another alternative method pressure point is the Yin Tang. Depicted as the “third eye” pressure point, it is located on the forehead between the medial eyes. Apply pressure while keeping your eyes closed and relaxed for optimal success. The Yin Tang can help reduce headaches, sinusitis, stress, anxiety, nose bleeds and nasal congestion by calming the central nervous system.


 While these are great medicines and methods for sleep disorders, also remember that drinking less caffeine will help with relaxing your mind and alleviating sleep disorders. There are also some great teas, like chamomyle and lavender that can relax your mind for peaceful nights sleep. Other people try a warm glass of milk to help them relax. Remember that whatever your alternative medicine or method is, to instill it into your daily routine. If you have a chronic sleep disorder that has lasted for months,then getting checked out by your primary care physician may be necessary. There may be something else going on with your body’s health that is making you susceptible to a long term sleep disorder.